Make an LBL Honey-Do List for Your Sweetheart

Last weekend, my husband and I decided to tackle our outdated powder room. I pulled down the wallpaper, picked out the paint color, and gave my guy a detailed honey-do list. It’s the easiest and most nag-free way to make sure things get done. …

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Do an End-of-Day LBL Review

The end-of-day review is a success strategy used by leaders in all lines of work to achieve the highest levels of achievement. It’s also a powerful way to help you get really good at managing light bladder leakage. And it only takes a few minutes to…

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Get Rid of Limiting Labels When Dealing with LBL

Why is one woman able to feel good about herself after an embarrassing leak, while another feels humiliated long after an LBL moment? I’ve discovered that it’s not the leak that makes you feel the way you do. It’s the story you tell yourself after…

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Does Cold Weather Trigger LBL?

It’s cold outside! Last night, when I left the grocery store, it was a bone-chilling 7 degrees. During that brisk walk to my car, it happened. And just when I thought I had it beat. I thought regular exercise, cutting back on coffee, and following…

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How to Talk to Your Significant Other About LBL

Many women avoid talking about LBL with their intimate partners like the plague. And then there are women like my friend Chris, who find it easy to have that conversation (hear the touching way her husband responded on my Woman-to-Woman podcast.…

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